The Benefits of learning programming skills as an Accountant

In this age of digital revolution, manual work of accounting and book keeping is almost dead. Artificial Intelligence will eliminate hardship of Book-keeping and Accounting. But there is still a scope for the Accountants. That is into Data science, analyzing financial data and decision making.

In accounting, there are things that excel sheets cannot help. You have to learn to write computer programming code. By doing so you will achieve highly accurate results and perfect data.

It is often said that and accountant with programming skills is a rare specie. This hybrid of Engineering-Accounting will touch the glory of sky.

To learn programming you don’t need to be in college or in school. You can learn all these things with a laptop, books and patience. The programming languages you can start with are Visual Basics and Python. These are the languages I have started learning. Earlier I had learnt C++ and C but that is the different thing.

There are many benefits of Being an Accountant with Coding knowledge. Here are the few life hacks.

Programmers are Logical Thinkers.

Mind it or not but programmers are the guys having better logical aptitude and faster grasping. You can start by conceptualizing the idea, write the code, run-debug-test it.

Doing CODING will definitely help the accountant inside you.

You can create Tools/Macros to finish Tasks.

You can create macros in MS excel which will eliminate need of doing repetitive task of creating monthly reports at the end of the months. Coding will be only one time activity and you are done.

You can create simple tools and programs which will reduce the need of data entry. Just think about it how much time it would simply save?

Data analysis like a pro.

You can analyse the large volume of data without sweating the hell out of you. You can simply put some basic program in-between two reports and the only thing you have to do is take a decision out of that data. Programming will easily detect and filter inconsistencies in reports and data. You can do these things faster than your counterparts.

You will stay up-to-date in the DIGITAL AGE.

Having programming skills in this digital age make me feel like being a BAT-MAN in the crowd of accountants. When business world is running like anything, I feel like I am on the top of my department. I have better understanding of how computer applications work, how to eliminate repetitive activities and manual work. It gives me better hand on the decision making. This Accounting and Programming skills are giving me edge over my colleagues.

It is no longer enough to just have excel skills. If you really want to move forward and taker your accounting expertise to a whole new level, you must give yourself the permission to learn the programming languages. There are many ways to learn computer in funny way. Don’t be competitor to anyone. Build better logic and you will see that you are in far better position than that of your peers.

The Benefits of learning programming skills as an Accountant
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